Mortgage Life Insurance Facts

Mortgage life insurance is valuable because it will pay off the entire value of your home in the case of your death. This type of life insurance for mortgage protection differs slightly from standard life insurance in that your family will not have access to any of the funds from this policy; in the event your policy must be paid out, the bank will receive funds for the rest of the amount you owed on your mortgage at the time of death – this is the only difference in mortgage insurance vs life insurance. Despite the fact that your family will not receive any direct funds from this policy, your mortgage will be paid in entire and they will no longer have to worry about making monthly payments.
Another frequently asked question is, “who owns my house if my mortgage life insurance agency pays my policy?” and the answer would be that you still do. The way this policy works is that the mortgage insurer satisfies your obligation to repay your bank on your behalf, meaning that your family will retain full ownership of the home in question for as long as they wish to keep it. If the time should ever come where they wish to sell the home, they are able to do so and the procedings will occur as if the home was paid off in entirety.
Unlike other types of things such as Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, mortgage life insurance is able to pay your entire mortgage in one lump sum to the bank, fulfilling your financial obligations to the bank in case you die.

Where Can I Buy Mortgage Life Insurance?

You may be surprised to find out that the cost of mortgage life insurance may only be pennies per day. Comparing this to the potential benefits makes it seem like a “no-brainer” when trying to plan for your familys future. Many of the best mortgage life insurance providers offer free, no obligation quotes, rates and estimates for those looking to purchase a policy and it is advisable that you do a fair bit of shopping before committing to a policy. Seeking the services of a financial planner is a good idea since, after all, mortgage life insurance is something that needs to be considered as an investment into your future and finding the right people to help you delicately balance your finances is one of the best courses of action you can take.  Check out RYM Claims if you think you have been mis-sold life insurance.

Mortgage Life Insurance For New Homes

If you have just recently purchased a home and opted out of mortgage protection insurance at the time of your closing, you are still able to apply to various companies and pick up a new policy that way. Many of the mortgage and life insurance companies in business are willing to issue policies to those individuals who have just purchased new homes, the only thing to keep in mind is that if you should ever at any point in time switch your mortgage to a new bank, you will need to reapply again for another policy